Send More Traffic To Your Website
CommunityWalk is now the only map-creation website that will send people to your website when you embed a professional map into your site's content.

Google will index each individual location on your map as a search result and when a user searches for a location on your map the Google result will take the user to your website where the map is embedded, instead of taking them to CommunityWalk, and the location they were searching for will be selected!

Professional Maps With No Advertising
Using CommunityWalk we have been able to easily create and maintain a map that is rich in useful content such as descriptions, multiple photos and easy to use directions.
- Chad Orton Golf Zoo
CommunityWalk allows you to build interactive maps for professional use as well as personal and community use. For just $4.95 a month you can provide your customers, clients, and visitors with a highly engaging and informative map, free of advertisements!

You can place any professional map directly onto your company's website so that your customers experience the many benefits of a CommunityWalk map without leaving your site   (example)
Great For...
I am really enjoying Community Walk and it is generating lots of traffic to my Ann Arbor Michigan real estate website
- Andy Piper Piper Partners
Realtors who want to provide a map of a community for prospective buyers, show prospective buyers where a number of properties are, or where one property is in relation to libraries, schools, parks, etc. in the surrounding community. Add photos, video and audio to give the map a local, personal feel.

Local governments, hotels, and other travel/tourism organizations that want to provide their clientele and visitors with information about the surrounding area, ensuring a more enjoyable visit and promoting local businesses.

Businesses that would like to provide directions to their business from anywhere. Customize the map to point out recommended routes, nearby parking areas, etc.

Any business, non-profit, or organization that would like to display a map with important geographic content on their website.
Did you know?

Every marker is individually indexed by search engines. If someone clicks on a search result for a professional map they will be redirected to your website.
Bulk, Yearly, and Unbranded Packages Available
We also offer bulk packages (10 maps for $29.95/month, 25 maps for $49.95/month, and 99 maps for $99.95/month), yearly packages (billed annually at 12x the monthly rates), and maps with no branding (1 map for $49.95/month). For more information about these options please email us at

Get Started!
To create a professional map simply build your map (click "Create A Map" at the top of the page to get started).

While you are building your map or once you have finished you can click the "Remove Ads" link under the "Edit Settings" tab on the map page. This will walk you through the process of setting up your subscription and removing the advertisements from your map.

Once completed, your map on CommunityWalk will not display any advertisements and you will have access to multiple code snippets that can be used to display your map on another website. At any point, before or after removing the advertisements, you can edit your map to add or remove locations.