Jared Cosulich - Founder
After several years working as a software engineer I finally found the time to put my entrepreneurial skills to the test with a small project I called CommunityWalk. From its inception in the bedroom of my apartment until now, CommunityWalk continues to present enormous technical, design, and entrepreneurial challenges. When I am not working on CommunityWalk I will occassionally write in my blog, 'The Entreprexplorer's Journal', about entrepreneurism, business, and software development.
Pivotal Labs
Pivotal Labs is an agile software consultancy based in San Francisco, CA. CommunityWalk is a client of Pivotal's new Ruby on Rails practice. Pivotal's extensive experience with software development has helped CommunityWalk achieve a flexible architecture that can easily be maintained and enhanced. For more information on Pivotal visit
Ideacodes is an award-winning strategic web design and consulting firm in San Francisco that focuses on UI, user experience, and next generation web. Ideacodes has provided much of the design for the CommunityWalk site, giving CommunityWalk a professional, clean look that brings the best parts of CommunityWalk to the front. For more information on Ideacodes visit their website at or at the co-founders' blogs, Emily Chang and Max Kiesler.
Visual Arena
User Interface & Experience Designer, Arena Reed developed the User Interface for the map page and is collaborating with Community Walk to further streamline and enhance the map building experience. For more information on Visual Arena, please visit
The Open Source Community
CommunityWalk would not exist were it not for the tireless efforts of so many people in the Open Source Community. In particular the Ruby on Rails team, along with the developers of the Prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries, have made CommunityWalk possible.
The Google Maps Team
CommunityWalk is built on the Google Maps technology, an amazing programmer's interface for building maps. Were it not for Google's impressive technology and their efforts to work with developers like myself, CommunityWalk never would have been created.