1201 Warren Countys Chief USA Civil War Officers


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Mapping Kentucky History Warren County Markers

Marker reads, Brig. Gen. William E. Hobson, 1st Brig., 2nd Div., 23rd Corps Col. Benj. C. Grider, 9th KY. Inf. Col. J. H. Grider, 52nd KY. Inf. Col. P. B. Hawkins, 11th KY. Inf. Col. Atwood G. Hobson, 13th KY. Inf. Col. E. L. Mottley, 11th KY. Inf. Reverse, Warren Countys Awards-Confederate Medals of Honour Conferred by President Davis on enlisted man selected by company at the first dress parade after every single victory. Sgt. Wm. E. Kinman, Co. H, 9th KY. Inf. at Stones River, 1863. Pvt. Benjamin F. Parker, Co. A, 2nd KY. Inf. at Chickamauga, 1863.