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Acaja castle

Piazza Castello 10 Fossano
Cuneo, Piemonte, ITALY
phone 39.0172.61976 - Fax: +39.0172.634184

Category: Villa&Castle

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The history of the castle intimately is tied to that one of the city of Fossano. One curiosity: the towers, anch' square they, are oriented on the axis of the diagonals and two of these have semi-cylindrical scalari turrets on the inner chine. Towards the end of the 1400's Carl of Savoia it realizes a series of modifications important that they transform the castle in a residence with knows them, logge and porticati. Under the reign of Carl Emanuele of Savoia, between 1580 and 1630, the castle alive alternate vicissitudes: after that in 1536 it comes signed the "Treaty of Fossano" with France, it is transformed before in jail and then in barracks. Very restored from the Supervising to Monuments of Turin between 1956 and 1963, it accommodates from 1985 the Civic Library and the Communal Historical Archives and is the scene of some city manifestations like "the Giostra of the Goose", than it is carried out in the penultimate one weekend of the june month.

Timetable Visits: 09.00 - 12,00/14,30 - 17,30 Opened from the Monday to the Friday For visits to reserve Income: Free


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