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A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc.

9130 Red Branch Road, Suite U
Columbia, MD, USA

Category: Pharmaceutical

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A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc. discovers, develops and commercializes personalized medicinal products that improve screening, monitoring and targeted treatment of cancer. It was founded in 2000.

A&G Pharmaceutical's drug or test products target breast cancer and are based on a unique biomarker known as GP88, or progranulin (GP88/PGRN). The company is focused on development and commercialization of two GP88-based breast cancer diagnostic test kits to improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Its product pipeline includes: OncoStain 88(TM), Onco 88(TM), and GP88/PGRN-Neutralizing Antibody, indicated for the treatment of breast and lung cancer.

A&G Pharmaceutical's investors include: ASM Resources, Celltrion, Inc., Crocker Capital, Emerge Capital, Maryland Venture Fund, MedImmune Ventures, Nexus Medical Partners and Olympus, Inc. The company's partners include: AstraZeneca Plc, Celltrion, Inc., MedImmune, Inc. (formerly known as Cambridge Antibody Technology), The National Cancer Institute, and ORChem Co., Ltd.