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Akonni Biosystems

400 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging

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Akonni Biosystems is a molecular diagnostics (MDx) company that develops, manufactures and markets integrated molecular diagnostic systems. It was established in 2003, with a mission to improve the human condition by enabling the personalized medicine revolution by providing faster, approachable and affordable molecular diagnostic tools.

Akonni's TruDiagnosis® system enables rapid and highly affordable testing for infectious and other human diseases on a gel drop array platform by incorporating standardized operating procedures and automating multiple manual laboratory processes. Its system integrates a number of complicated and time intensive steps, including sample preparation, nucleic acid amplification, detection and reporting, enabling the multiplexed analyses of complex biological samples within a single assay and delivering results in as little as two hours.

Akonni's product portfolio includes: 1) MDx Tests - TruArray MDR-TB Test, TruArray HE Test, TruArray MRSA Test, TruArray BTA Test, TruArray BER Test and Custom TruArray Microarrays; 2) Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits - TruTip DNA Kits, TruTip DNA/RNA Blood Kits, TruTip gDNA Blood & Semen Kits, TruTip gDNA Saliva Kits and TruTip DNA Kits for MTB and so on; and 3) Instruments and Software - TruSentry(TM) System, TruDiagnosis System, TruDx 1000 Reader, TruCycler Satellite Thermal Cycler etc.

Akonni has alliances with Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago, IL), CUBRC, Inc, Columbia University, Los Alamos National Lab, and Wadsworth Center. It has agreements with Eppendorf AG and National Institutes of Health.