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Alexandria Medical Arts Pharmacy & Compounding Lab

315 South Washington Street,
Alexandria, VA, USA

Category: Healthcare Facilities & Services

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Alexandria Medical Arts Pharmacy & Compounding Lab is a pharmacy focused on the improvement of patient care through the art and science of compounding.

Alexandria Medical specializes in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pain Management, Veterinary Medications, Nutritional Supplements, Homeopathy, Home Medical Equipment & Supplies and Compression Stockings. It produces a wide variety of unique medications for both human and veterinary clients such as preparations: sterile injections, troches, capsules, creams (both topical and vaginal), suppositories (both rectal and vaginal), gels, ophthalmic drops, ear puffers, solutions and suspensions. Its dosage forms include: Sterile Product, Transdermal Gels, Troches, Creams and Ointments, Suppositories/Rectal Rockets, Solutions and Suspensions, Lollipops, Time release Capsules, Flavorings and Sildenafil citrate liquid.

Alexandria Medical's veterinary prescriptions include: Apomorphine tablet triturates, Metronidazole liquid, Prednisolone liquid, DES capsules, Cyclosporin ophthalmic solution, Liquid enrofloxacin, Liquid methimazole, Ursodiol capsules (actigal), Potassium bromide liquid and capsules, Diazepam suppositories, Diltiazem long acting capsules and Sildenafil citrate liquid. The company provides custom prescription compounding for: Natural Hormone Replacement, (click here to view the BHRT pdf document), Tailored Pain Management, Kid-Friendly Changes for Difficult to Take Medicines, Veterinary Compounding & Medications, and Special Formulations to Meet Individual Needs.