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AlphaGenics Inc.

Maryland Tech. Dev. Ctr. 9700 Great Seneca Highway
Rockville, MD, USA

Category: Nutraceuticals, Vitamins, Supplements, Food Products

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AlphaGenics Inc. commercializes genomics science with scientifically-based products aimed at the consumer lifestyle market. Its vision is that people will buy gene-based products that let them feel better about themselves and make them happier.

AlphaGenics leverages the technological advances taking place in biotechnology, computers and telecommunications that enable businesses to develop and deliver focused, personalized products wrapped around a person's normal genes. These technologies include high density microarrays that measure thousands of genes, powerful computer processing with mass storage capabilities that permits the capture, storage and real-time processing of massive amounts of relevant lifestyle and health data about each person, and wireless-cellular technologies that permit virtually instantaneous information exchange anywhere, anytime.

AlphaGenics' JeneJuice(TM) is a personalized beverage, where the ingredient selection and amounts are based upon a person's specific genetic chemistry and adjusted to match the customer's lifestyle goals and consuming purpose. Its MyGene DaVinci(TM) is the first DNA test that exclusively identifies genetic map for normal functions such as dance, creativity, how food tastes, athletics, personality and weight control and provides valuable information about a person's genetic tendencies and strengths. The company's product development uses systems integration approaches where the data is about a person's genes, and the integrated technologies include methods to simultaneously identify and measure thousands of genes in a person, microelectronics, computer processing and storage, and telecommunications.

AlphaGenics has partnerships with: Grant Life Sciences and Ariadne Genomics.