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Ambu Inc.

6740 Baymeadow Drive
Glen Burnie, MD, USA

Category: Medical Devices

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Ambu Inc. develops, produces and markets diagnostic and life-supporting devices for hospitals and rescue services. Its mission is to provide its customers with innovative solutions that optimize workflow, reduce cost and improve patient care. The company's vision is to save lives and improve patient care. It is a subsidiary of Ambu A/S.

Ambu has three business areas: Airway Management, Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics and Emergency Care. The primary products are Masks for artificial ventilation and scopes for intubation, Single-use electrodes and sensors for measuring heart rate and diagnosing diseases in nerves and muscles, and Resuscitators, collars and manikins for first aid training. Some of its other products include: Ambu® Disposable Face Masks, Ambu® UltraSeal disposable face mask with check valve, Ambu® Aura-i(TM) Disposable Laryngeal Mask, Ambu® Blue Sensor NEO X, Ambu® Blue Sensor VL ECG Electrode, Ambu® Neuroline Cup, Ambu® Disposable Corkscrew Electrode, Ambu® Mark IV - Reusable Resuscitator, Ambu® Endotracheal Tube Holders, Ambu® Oxygen Regulators and so on.

Ambu's distributors include: BoundTree Medical, Emergency Medical Products, Inc., mooremedical, Progressive Medical International, etc.