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American College of Gastroenterology (ACG)

P.O. Box 342260
Bethesda, MD, USA

Category: University/College

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American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) is a college engaged in serving the clinically oriented digestive disease specialist through its emphasis on scholarly practice, teaching and research. The college was founded in 1932 with a mission is to serve the evolving needs of physicians in the delivery of high quality, scientifically sound, humanistic, ethical and cost effective healthcare to gastroenterology patients.

ACG's goals include: To provide continuing medical education to clinicians through scientific publications, meetings and multimedia & web-based offerings; To represent the clinician in national and local health care policy issues to ensure that the best interests of patient care and clinical medicine are served; To promote and provide assistance in education to clinical gastroenterologists and fellows-in-training in cost-effective, efficient, and high quality practice management; To promote, encourage and support clinical research in gastroenterologic disorders through the ACG Institute for Clinical Research; and To be a source of educational information for patients with gastrointestinal disorders and their families and to provide liaison with patient advocacy organizations for those with gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders. The college provides conceptual and financial support for clinically relevant investigative studies.

ACG's ACG Institute for Clinical Research & Education serves as a forum in which to build on the goals of the college. The Institute promotes research in clinical gastroenterology, educates physicians and the public and provides resources to support the future needs of clinical gastroenterology, GI patients, as well as young clinical investigators who as they develop careers in academic gastroenterology, enrich knowledge and treatments in digestive diseases.