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American Gene Technologies International Inc. (AGTII)

Maryland Technology Development Center, 9700 Great Seneca Highway
Rockville, MD, USA

Category: Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical

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American Gene Technologies International Inc. (AGTII) is engaged in developing bio-safe, high efficiency lentivirus therapies to treat cancer and other chronic human diseases. It was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey A. Galvin, with a vision to use its technology to enable the one hundred billion dollar genetic drug market.

AGTII has developed an efficient, effective, targeted system for expressing genes in any type of human cell in-vivo. Its ProTarg(TM) is a genetic vector which interrupts the cellular mechanisms of prostate cancer. Its In-vitro tests have shown that this compound results in destruction of prostate cancer cells without any effect on normal, healthy cells. The company's MesoTarg(TM) utilizes its platform to deliver a genetic attack on pancreatic cancer cells.

AGTII's products incorporate a proprietary technology for the clinical application of gene expression technology in cancer therapy, autosomal disorders, stem cell treatment, and cosmetic applications. Its products include: AG-1101 for the treatment of prostate cancer, AG-1102 for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, and AG-1103 for the treatment of liver cancer.