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300 E. Lombard Street, Suite 1610
Baltimore, MD, USA

Category: Healthcare Facilities & Services

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Ameritox is specialized in pain medication monitoring solutions that offers specialized laboratory testing and proprietary methods of analysis backed by unparalleled service and comprehensive clinical support. The company was founded in 1996 as Universal Toxicology Laboratories (UTL).

Ameritox's specialized laboratory technology delivers the highest degrees of accuracy, specificity and sensitivity. It offers the comprehensive pain medication monitoring solutions(SM) need to provide the highest quality chronic pain care. The company's premier lab services and proprietary methods of analysis deliver a level of reporting not available anywhere else. Its expert support and comprehensive practice management tools help transform the data into the best possible outcomes for patients and practice.

Ameritox's Rx Guardian(SM) process identifies and quantifies the specific drug or metabolite for a broad range of controlled medications. Its Rx Guardian results report indicates the amount of prescribed pain medication or metabolite detected. The company's Rx Guardian results report provides further information by normalizing detected pain medications and comparing those values to an expected range for some of the most common prescribed medications.

Ameritox offers a wide range of tools and resources to give greater control of chronic pain patient care including Ameritox Online Services(SM), Rx Guardian AutoReminder(SM) automatically and randomly selects patients for monitoring based on a protocol select, eliminating guesswork and bias, Ameritox Virtual ToxicologistSM (V-Tox), A comprehensive array of reports track patient and practice progress for more effective risk management programs, etc.