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Antica Residenza del Gallo

Via del Gallo, 25
Lucca, Toscana 55100, IT
Phone:+390583491450-+39.0583.492743-skype hotels :

Category: Villa&Castle

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The residence is located in the middle of this wonderful roman town, in Via del Gallo, known also, from Lucca’s inhabitants, Via degli Antiquari, thanks to its shops and laboratory of Antiquity's furniture . Just behind us there is the cathedral of San Martino with its square. On the other side there's the church of San Giovanni , its cupola and its tower bells wich are visible from our windows. This church is famous also, because there are archeology’s rests and some time is uses as a theatre for concerts and other exhibitions.

In the vicinity there's Via Fillungo , where you can do some shopping in elegant show rooms while going to the Amphitheatre , re-built on Romans rests. Near this wonderful place you can visit the San Frediano's Church , with the body well conserved of Santa Zita, holy of flowers.


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