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AutoMedx Inc.

12321 Middlebrook Rd
Germantown, MD, USA

Category: Medical Devices

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AutoMedx Inc. is engaged to improve the survival rate of individuals suffering acute respiratory failure by providing unparalleled access to mechanical ventilation during the first critical minutes of respiratory distress. It was founded in 2004.

AutoMedx has developed Simplified Automated Ventilator device (SAVe), designed to be quickly deployed in a pre-hospital environment by a BLS or ALS provider, the device addresses the dangers associated with bagging patients and frees up a responder to address other injuries, perform compressions, attend to other patients or further assist in transporting the patient. Its SAVe mitigates the potential for injury, reduces operator error, complies with guidelines and improves a medical responder's ability to perform other critical task. The company also provides SAVe accessories like patient breathing circuit, debris filter, patient mask, oxygen tubing, EtCO2 detector, etc.

AutoMedx has partnership with Hemcon Medical Technologies, Inc.