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Avanti NanoSciences

7720 Bel Air Road, Suite 200
Baltimore, MD, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Avanti NanoSciences is a bionanotechnology company developing multiplexed, quantitative biomarker detection and monitoring assays and instrument systems for use in drug development and clinical research through human diagnostics. It is focused on the life science market segments that consistently demand new technologies to further research, development and clinical capabilities. It was founded as a spun-out from AT-GC in late 2006.

Avanti's Smart Detection Technology platform offers a unique approach to miniaturizing and integrating life science applications. Its NanoSciences' technology delivers cost-effective, fast, accurate and reproducible results using less sample and no reagents and with minimal user intervention. The company's Life Sciences at Speed of Light (LSSL) technology is built on proven, time tested technology - fluorescent compounds, acousto-optics, nanocomposites, digital signal processing and traditional biochemistry - that have been integrated in a unique way. By using its proprietary NanoBindi technology platform, many steps of conventional applications are eliminated &/or streamlined into single, nanoliter scale procedures. Its Bindi® technology is ideally suited to a wide range of applications throughout the life Science research domains, biopharmaceutical product development, molecular diagnostics, clinical trials end point monitoring of biomarkers, microbial detection and monitoring, bioagent detection and monitoring as well as basic research.

Avanti develops a diverse portfolio of products including proprietary instrument systems, domain as well as process specific nanoarray kits to support both research and diagnostic applications, and data analysis software. The company's biopharmaceutical product portfolio is designed to provide solutions to improve drug development life-cycle by improving R&D efficiency, reduce time to market at a reduce cost. Its products include: EndoSense(TM), EndoStripT(TM), and EndoMon(TM) for Endotoxin Management; Rapid Microbial and Viral Detection Tests, Microbial limit Tests, PathAlert: Pathogen screens, Products for clinical end point monitoring of disease and biomarkers. The company's microbial tests are designed to estimate the number of viable organisms present in pharmaceutical components and raw materials.