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Aymavilles Castle

Castello Aymavillespiazza Emile Chanoux 3611100
Aosta, Valle d'Aosta, ITALY

Category: Villa&Castle

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Information: A.P.T. Cogne Gran Paradiso- Phone:+0039.0165.74040 - +0039.0165.74056

In origin (1287 ca.) the castle was constituted from a quadrangular tower, to the four angles of which they were additions, in 1357, as many circular towers. The facades in style baroque-rococò were realized to the beginning of the 700. "the more meaningful building of the common one is probably the Castle, that it rises to the center of the country on a morainic relief. The construction attract attention for the four cylindrical towers angle irons, higher of the body centers them to square plant, merlate and supplies of caditoie, to construct them, adding them to a preesistente building, was, to the half of the 1300's, Aimone di Challant, that it had as soon as received Aymavilles from the Green Conte and was risistemando also Fénis. Some centuries after, towards 1730, Happy the Giuseppe baron of Challant gained loggiati fre the towers eliminating many apparatuses medioevali defensives and giving also inner to a baroque aspect. The last baron of Aymavilles, Filippo Maurizio, died in its of Aosta palace in 1804, was also the last heir male of Challant House. The castle, reached after several passages of property the Bombrini family, was sold to the from Valle d'Aosta regional Administration in 1970."


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