Barbarossa's' castle

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The castle of Barbarossa was constructed probably in X the century when l' island was feudo of the amlfitani. It had a defensive function and of sight and during the sieges it served from shelter to the population; it takes the name dall' Turkish admiral Khair to-din nicknamed Barbarossa, assaulted than it he destroyed and it in 1535. In effects Goats, for the Turkish pirati ones, it represented un' important strategic base for their raids long the gulf of Naples and, for this reason, l' island came assaulted seven times at least and was during one of these sieges, hardest, than Khair to-din it destroyed the castle of Anacapri. In the 1898 castle it was acquired from Axel Munthe which, being a lover of the nature, of it made a real oasis for the birds. The castle currently makes part of the complex of Villa S. Michele, of property of the Swedish consulate that, from 1990, organizes visits guided to the ancient of the castle two times to the month.


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