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BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems

7 Loveton Circle
Sparks, MD, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging; Research Services & Supplies

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BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems is engaged in manufacturing products and instruments used for diagnosing infectious diseases.

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems' products are used in the clinical market to screen for microbial presence, grow and identify organisms, and test for antibiotic susceptibility. In the industrial market, the company's products are used for the testing of sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals and medical devices, for environmental monitoring and to detect food pathogens.

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems' products categories include: Collection and Transport - BD(TM) Universal Viral Transport System (UVT), BD Falcon(TM) SWUBE(TM) Collection and Transport System, etc; Dehydrated Culture Media; Prepared Media - BD BBL(TM) Prepared Plated Media, BD Sterile Pack Bottles, Prepared Slide Media, etc; Environmental Systems - BD GasPak(TM) Products and Accessories; Direct Testing/Serology - BD Directigen(TM) Influenza Test Kits, BD Directigen(TM) RSV Test Kits, BD Directigen(TM) Meningitis Test System, etc; Stains and Reagents; Identification/Susceptibility - BBL(TM) Crystal(TM) Identification Systems, BBL(TM) Sensi-Disc(TM) Susceptibility Test Discs; Blood Culture - BD BACTEC(TM) Instrumented Blood Culture Systems; Molecular Diagnostics - BD Viper(TM) with XTR(TM) Technology and BD ProbeTec(TM) ET System; Equipment and Supplies - BD Lactinex(TM); etc.

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems' is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company. Its partners include: Becton, Dickinson and Company, Bruker Daltonics Inc, Eurogentec S.A, HandyLab, Inc, Bruker Daltonics Inc, Lonza Group Ltd, Diagenode s.a. and MODA Technology Partners, Inc etc.