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Castel Beseno is posizionato on the top of one hill strategically a lot important; it allows in fact the control of both approached them goes them of the Adige: Horse goes them of the river that connects Folgaria (and therefore the access to the province of Vicenza), nonchè the long passage the main road said road of Germany that it crosses goes it them of the same Adige. They are demonstration of the enormous importance of this position the fact that was constructed for this purpose, together to Castel Beseno, others 3 fortresses: the castles of Nomi and Barco on the right of the Adige, Castel Pietra and Castel Beseno on the left. The first sure news care this fortress goes back to XII the century, then feudo of the accounts of I level, and inhabited from one family of they vassalli: "From Beseno". Later on the history of this building is made for the rather travagliata truth, around to the 1200 in fact church Some thirty, in part for purchases and in part for donations she becomes owner of good part of the structure, ciononostante it remained under the control of two distinguished coppers of the Beseno family: that one of Enghelberto and that one of Odolrico, but the rivalry between the two factions door to a premature decay is castel Beseno that Castel Stone, on which both the families boasted of the rights. Approximately a century later the castle passes under the control of Guglielmo II, that it supplies to restore of good part, and finally towards the half of a 1400 other important personage enters in the history of this building, draft of Marcabruno II, which he finds himself in the beautiful one half of diatribe between the troops of Venice and those Trentine and Tirolesi; he is just in this surf that develops the famous battle of Calliano (1487). In the course of 1500 as a result of a fire it comes reconstructed and renewed, changing its aspect of medieval castle in that one of residence, conserving but its identity of defensive fortress very armed. The vicissitudini did not end soon therefore, towards the end of the ' 700 in fact it were newly protagonist of an bloody one besiege from part of the Napoleoniche troops that, in spite of the huge deployment, did not succeed to having the better one, coming defeats after days of besiege from one column of troops Austrians committees in defense of Castel Beseno. Later on, because of the calmest political situation, and therefore to the loss of importance of this defensive structure, begins finally along period of forfeiture of the castle, that it will come finally abandoned in the course of 1800, for being donated in 1973 to the Independent Province of Trento, than it started some from endured the restoration in order to make of one of the distaccate centers of the museum of the Castle of the Buonconsiglio


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