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Best Cyclotron Systems Inc

7643 Fullerton Road
Springfield, VA, USA

Category: Drug Delivery

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Best Cyclotron Systems, Inc. (BCSI) has been established for the design and production of commercial cyclotrons. Its mission is to create technology to provide healthcare options for various needs around the world. The company is a subsidiary of Best Medical International.

BCSI offers radioisotopes and production capabilities for nuclear medicine and radiotherapy with its range of cyclotron systems. Its product list includes BCSI 14p - 14 MeV proton cyclotron; BCSI 25p - 25 MeV proton cyclotron; BCSI 35p - 35 MeV proton cyclotron; BCSI 70p - 70 MeV proton cyclotron, etc. The company provides solutions for PET-CT and molecular imaging radiopharmaceuticals.