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BioAssay Works, L.L.C.

10075 Tyler Place, Suite 18
Ijamsville, MD 21754, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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BioAssay Works, L.L.C is focused on antibody-based and antigen-based detection technologies, and on their application in lateral-flow immunoassay for both instrumented and visually-read tests. The company was founded by Stephen Mefferd, Leslie Kirkegaard, and Glen Ford.

BioAssay brings laboratory-based, ELISA-like sensitivity to rapid-format, lateral-flow assays, while maintaining field-use product durability and simplicity. The company offers extensive experience in the development of rapid, point-of-care, lateral-flow-format diagnostic assays. The combination of its proprietary concentrated gold sols and its patented C-FLAT® (Counter Flow Amplified Test) assay platform contributes to significant savings in development time and money, and speeds time-to-market.

BioAssay's services include: Custom-conjugation services, hybridoma development, and antibody engineering; Assay development; and C-FLAT® Counter-Flow Lateral Amplified Test. Its assay development services include: contract assay development, contract manufacturing, antibody development, lateral-flow component optimization, and reagent supply.

BioAssay's products portfolio includes: Human & Rat KIM-1: biomarker assay for acute kidney damage; Hand-held Assay readers for quantifiable lateral-flow assays; Research Assay Kits: rapid tests for detection of E. coli, Salmonella, H. pylori, equine and animal Sarcocystis neurona, and Vaccinia antibody; Dressed Gold®; Naked Gold®; Iso-Gold(TM) Rapid Mouse-Monoclonal Isotyping Kit; Gold-in-a-Box(TM), an easy-to-use kit for preparing highly reactive gold conjugates; Latex-in-a-Box, an easy-to-use kit for preparing latex conjugates; Tell-Tale Gold®, gold-sol impregnated ribbon; and C-FLAT® Lateral-Flow Platform, a patented lateral-flow immunodiagnostic device.

BioAssay has been awarded a grant by Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) under its Fort Detrick Technology Transfer Initiative (FDTTI).