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Biogenova, Corp.

14804 Physicians Lane, Suite 121
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Biogenova, Corp. is a biotechnology company specialized in particular technologies. Its goal is to provide its years of experience to the public and enable people to not only conduct R&D more effectively, efficiently and at exceptionally low cost, but with rapid turnaround time.

Biogenova's product categories include: Lentivirus, LV-miRNA, Lv-shRNA, Multi-I, Multi- Control, U-Mix and UBEI-41. It offers full ranges of Lentivirus microRNA (miRNA) vectors carrying identified and updated miRNAs, and produces high titer and ready to use Lenti-miRNA with either GFP/RFP tracker or Puromycin, Hygromycin or Neomycin selection. The custom Lentivirus microRNA (miRNA) services can also generate multiple (chain) miRNA cluster in one lentivirus vectors.

Biogenova has developed a unique in-house technology to produce highly purified and concentrated Lentiviral supernatant carrying markers, gene or siRNA of interest. It is ready-to-use for transduce almost all types of cells, dividing or non-dividing, and obtain stable cell lines in about 3 days.