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BioHealth Innovation

22 Baltimore Road
Rockville, MD 20850, US

Category: Research Park / Incubator

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Description: BioHealth Innovation, Inc. (BHI) is an innovation intermediary that translates market-relevant research into commercial success by connecting management, funding, and markets.

BHI's vision is to transform the Central Maryland region into a leading global bio-health entrepreneurial and commercialization hub.

What does BHI do?
BHI sources and evaluates market-relevant bioheath intellectual properties, connects the IP with funding, and assists businesses in marketing and growth. It aims to:
- Increase the flow of private and public early stage capital;
- Develop an active commercialization talent network;
- Facilitate accelerated tech transfer and commercialization of relevant innovations;
- Market and brand the region as a global biohealth leader; and
- Ensure an adequate supply of experienced biohealth entrepreneurs and workers.

Within five years, BioHealth Innovation (BHI) will be a catalyst to transform Central Maryland into a leading BioHealth entrepreneurial and commercialization Region.

BioHealth Innovation will connect market relevant research assets to appropriate funding, management and markets to facilitate the development of commercially viable bio health products and companies.