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Bio-Molecular Technology Inc

5340 Spectrum Dr, Suite J
Frederick, MD 21703, USA

Category: Research Services & Supplies

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Bio-Molecular Technology Inc (BMT) provides technical services to investigators at the NIH, industry and academia in areas encompassing immunology, virology, cell/tissue culture, protein chemistry and molecular biology. It was incorporated in 1986 with a goal to provide investigators with quality services tailored to meet their needs.

BMT's services in the area of cell culture/virology include: production of recombinant gene products using culture flasks, roller bottles, bioreactor or spinner flasks, as appropriate; Preparation of recombinant fowlpox or vaccinia virus in mammalian or chick embryo cell cultures, etc. Its additional services include: ELISA, Western Blot Analysis, immunoprecipitation, immunoglobulin purification, affinity chromatography, etc.

BMT's protein chemistry services include: protein purification and quality control by HPLC and other chromatographic methods, electrophoretic analysis including SDS-PAGE, native gel, IEF and 2-D electrophoresis, etc and its molecular biology services include: isolation of RNA, isolation of genomic and plasmid DNA, amplification by PCR, nested PCR and RT-PCR, etc.