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BioSET, Inc

9430 Key West Avenue, Suite 220
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Biomaterials & Tissue Regeneration

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BioSET, Inc (Biosurface Engineering Technologies) is engaged in developing synthetic peptide growth factor mimetics for advanced tissue repair. It was founded by Tom Roueche and Paul Zamora in 2001, with a goal to pair the most appropriate signaling molecule with tissue-specific scaffolds for advanced tissue regeneration in bone and soft tissue repair.
BioSET is specialized in developing orthobiologic devices-medical technologies that combine the mechanical benefits of medical devices with bioactive treatments to improve device performance. It has developed a library of signaling compounds, targeting specific mechanisms of action. The company's technology is based on pairing of custom-designed bioactive treatments with tissue-specific scaffolds. These scaffolds provide the necessary biomaterial for new cell integration and the bioactive compounds guide the healing process.

BioSET's lead product Amplex is an implantable combination device used in spine fusion surgery. Its product Amplex combines a bioresorbable ceramic scaffold in granule form with its patented B2A® peptide indicated for enhancing bone healing. The company is also focused on the development of products for sports medicine applications based on patented F2A(TM) peptide. It is engaged in evaluating appropriate peptide signaling molecules and various scaffold biomaterials used in musculoskeletal applications such as trauma, fracture repair and additional soft tissue treatments. The company's product F2A(TM) peptide is a biomimetic of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) that plays a role in soft tissue regeneration and in increasing tissue vascularity.

BioSET's investors include: The Vertical Group, EDF Ventures, MB Venture Partners, PTV Sciences and Heron Capital. The company has agreements with Tornier, Inc. and Biomet, Inc.