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BioWarn, LLC

19632 Club House Road, Suite 520
Montgomery Village, MD 20886, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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BioWarn, LLC is a biotechnological research and product development company that brings biological substance detection and pathogen surveillance to the healthcare, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, food-processing, and bio-defense fields. The company intends to provide the technology that power a new generation of infection control products and services.

BioWarn's SmartSense is an affinity-based system capable of directly detecting the binding of ligands and their counterparts as molecular complexes are formed. BioWarn conducts its research and development using both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies with affinities for specific antigens. Future plans include the use of aptamers, small molecules, and other ligands. Its research areas include Avian Influenza and Nosocomial Infections. Its services include Business Strategy and Prototype Development.

BioWarn's SmartSense product "roadmap" includes the development of increasingly miniaturized configurations over time. Its products include SmartBox(TM) Field, SmartScreen(TM) Hand-Held, SmartSand(TM) iniaturized etc.