Bit-O-Wy Horses

Don Bosman
Cheyenne, WY 82009, US

Category: Curly Breeder

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Curly Horses Around The World

We own 21 curly horses and can accommodate visitors with allergies.

We are not a "barn" or professional sales ranch. Our operation consists of 1200 acres where our horses run at large in various sized pastures. We have a large barn where we have had an arena but it is currently used to store hay. We love to show the horses but it is not as simple as walking out to a pen to view them, so we ask for an appointment and patience as we take the time to explain our goals and principles and work around the weather. Our horses are all trained with Natural Horsemanship technigues to be willing partners. This does not mean they are finished but they are solid, safe and ready to fly through the rest of their training as long as the human partner is willing and able to learn also.