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BME Systems Inc

3300 Hudson Street
Baltimore, MD, USA

Category: Information Technologies; Health IT Services

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BME Systems Inc is engaged in creating systems for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical research companies that facilitate, integrate, streamline and automate using informatic, mechanical and electronic engineering tools and products. It was incorporated in 1987 by former employees and students of Johns Hopkins University to provide assistance to researchers in academia who could not afford a full-time engineering staff.

BME Systems creates instrumentation and software used in biomedical research. Its products include: Six Channel Valve Controller provides six independent and automatically timed channels of solenoid control for the precise administration of drugs and solutions to patch clamp and other neuropharmacological preparations; and Vibratactile Stimulator, a linear motor for delivering precise, single-point vibratory stimuli.

BME Systems uses engineering principles to combine commercially available tools and products that integrate, facilitate and automate laboratory experiments and processes in biological research and production. It has expertise in the areas of: Process Monitoring and Control, Laboratory Automation and Medical Equipment Prototyping.