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Bonegrafix Inc

Rockville, MD, USA

Category: Biomaterials & Tissue Regeneration

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Bonegrafix Inc is a medical device and biomaterials company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative synthetic bone products that replace missing or diseased bone and promote rapid healing and remodeling of bone tissue. The company intends to develop products using its proprietary technology to produce unique, cost-effective bone replacement devices with regenerative autograft/allograft properties and no complications.

Bonegrafix employs its proprietary manufacturing process to create standardized bone blocks or a custom bone replacement based on patient-specific CT information that can be refined (as required) by the surgeon through CAD software. The company's manufacturing process is a technology that can incorporate and selectively place biologic and non-biologic substances into the block during the manufacturing process.

Bonegrafix' product line is being developed utilizing the company's proprietary drug, formulation, delivery and manufacturing processes. Its products contain bioactive substances to achieve ideal graft attributes. The company's products fall into two categories: (1) solid bone blocks for bone replacement and (2) small powdered or granular substances (with and without inclusion of a cement) for filling defects or holes in bone or holding bone together during healing.