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B/R Instrument Corporation

9119 Centreville Road
Easton, MD 21601, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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B/R Instrument is a manufacturer of solvent recyclers for high purity solvent recycling, and is a manufacturer & distributor of distillation equipment. The company's mission is to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of distillation equipment throughout the world.The company was established in 1966 by Roger Roark and Harry Brown.

B/R Instrument's Solvent recyclers are used in histology labs to recycle xylene, alcohol, formalin and xylene substitutes. The company's HPLC solvent recycling and GPC solvent recycling have also become more popular due to the high cost of the solvents. Crude oil distillation and petroleum distillation are also common applications of company's fractional distillation equipment. The company's Spinning band distillation is a technique which uses a rotating helical band to create a high number of theoretical plates.

B/R Instrument products include: 9700 ProCycler Solvent Recycler, MiniProCycler Solvent Recycler, PureForm 2100 Formalin Recycler, 9600 High Efficiency Distillation System, B/R Instrument 36-100 High Efficiency Distillation System, Automaxx 9100 Crude Oil Distillation System, B/R Instrument 800 - High Efficiency Micro Distillation, 9400 CODS for Crude Oil Distillation, VAC-1000 Vacuum Regulation System and ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation Apparatus.