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BridgePath Scientific (BPS)

4841 International Blvd., Suite 105
Frederick, MD 21703, USA

Category: BioManufacturing; Research Services & Supplies; Suppliers (CRO)

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BridgePath Scientific (BPS) offers a wide variety of laboratory equipment, preventative maintenance, and repair services as well as contract research and reagents & kits to the scientific community.

BPS offers following product categories: Laboratory Equipment - Balances, Benchtop Centrifuge, Freezers/Fridges, Incubators, Microscopes, Microtoms, PCR/Thermal Cyclers, Spectrophotometers, Vacuum Pumps/System, Warehouse Clearance Items, etc; and Research Products - Cell Culture Products, Probiotics, Protein Expression Products, Protein Stains, Reagents and Kits, and Western Blotting.

BPS scientific services include: Recombinant Protein Production, Genetic Services and BioPharmaceutical Services. The company has expertise and experience in producing, purifying, and characterizing recombinant proteins using: Bacterial systems, Insect cell culture systems and Mammalian cell culture systems. Its genetic services include: de novo gene synthesis, cloning and subcloning, Mutagenesis, cDNA library construction, Plasmid preparation, and expression vector generation for mammalian, insect, and bacterial systems. The company's biopharmaceutical services include: Cell banking, Antisera production, Fill and finish, Vaccine manufacturing, Cell line characterization, Methods development, Process validation, Stability testing, Protein & analytical chemistry, etc.

BPS has an agreement with Izon Science and APE-BridgePath Scientific.