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Brimrose Corporation of America

19 Loveton Circle, Hunt Valley Loveton Center,
Sparks, MD 21152, USA

Category: Scientific & Technical Instruments

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Brimrose Corporation of America is the manufacturer of Electro-Optic solutions for the Optical Communication industry, Pharmaceutical and Chemical process-control fields. The company's mission to be the leader in the switching arena by providing high quality solutions to the multitude of switching requirements demanded by today's fiber-optic systems.

Brimrose's new generation of solid-state AOTF-NIR Miniature stainless steel Analyzer is built to be placed directly into the production line. The company offers a broad product line of several high quality acousto-optic components and modules for research, other manufacture industries. Its spectrometers include: Luminar 7030 Miniature Stainless Steel FreeSpace NIR Analyzer, Luminar 6000 Miniature Laboratory NIR Analyzer, Luminar 5030 Miniature "Hand-held" NIR Analyzer, Luminar 4030 Miniature Free Space(TM) Process NIR Analyzer, Luminar 4020 Miniature Thin Film NIR Analyzer, Luminar 3077 Tablets NIR Analyzer, Luminar 3076 "Seed Meister" NIR Analyzer, Luminar 3070 Bench Top Laboratory NIR Analyzer, Luminar 3060 Process NIR Analyzer with Built-in Multiplexer, Luminar 3030 Free Space(TM)NIR Analyzer, Laboratory Luminar 3030 Free Space(TM) NIR Analyzer, Luminar 3010 Process NIR Analyzer, etc.