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The Castle of the Buonconsiglio is the more important monument than not religious character of the province. Residence of the Principles Bishops from the end of XIII the century until the happened dell'episcopato secolarizzazione in 1803, originally was constructed with prettamente defensive functions. Military L'aspetto of the Castle endured through the deep centuries modifications that transformed it in one of the greater complexes fortify to you residential city of the Alps. George Lichtenstein, Bernardo Clesio, Cristoforo Madruzzo were above all thanks all'opera of some Principles Bishops (, Francisco Alberti-Poja), than the Castle she assumed l'aspetto puts into effect them: to leave from the end of 1300 until the half of 1600 to the original nucleus, formed from the Castelvecchio and the Tower d'Augusto, others were added leave (Magno Palace, Reached Albertiana).


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