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Burgio's Castle

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Burgio, dall' Arab " Burg" fortress, is one of the antichi centers dell' agrigentino (wars you serve them of the 104 a.C.). The foundation date is uncertain, however the presence of the castle saraceno could indicate a possible Arabic origin. Situated on the southern declivity of the Saint mount Nicolò to 317 meters above sea level, Burgio has a surface of 4222 hectares and is distant 72 kilometers approximately from the chief town. The population is nearly entire given over all' agriculture and to the zootecnica. The more representative cultivations are l' olive tree, l' orange, the almond tree and I fish late. Burgio receives un' wide forested surface (more of 50% of the communal territory) all' inside of which he is godibile un' equipped area called " Rifesi" , a lot attended also from the inhabitants dell' hinterland. Burgio boasts an ancient and traditional handicraft that goes from the production of the ceramic characteristics (famous is the Quartare and the Cantari) to the foundry of very lives of it, only in going back Sicily and four centuries orsono. The more ancient monument of the country is undoubtedly the castle, tutt' today the more ancient monument, than with the conquest of conte the Ruggero had to be rebuilt, and around which the first inhabited nuclei rose. Other ancient place of the country is the Church Mother dedicated to Sant' Antonio Abbot, would have to go back then to XII the century, rimaneggiata in the XVI.