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camino castle - wedding

Via Al Castello 15020 Camino
Nizza Monferrato, Piemonte, ITALY
phone: 39 0142 469134 - Fax +39 02 466832

Category: Villa&Castle

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Located on the Monferrato region slopes, about one hour away from Milan, Genoa and Turin (in the northwestern corner of Italy), the Camino Castle is surrounded by breathtaking century-old woodlands overlooking the forested vine hills of the Basso Monferrato (the Monferrato foothills).
A castle rich in history, the Camino was built around the XI century for defense; subsequently, it was expanded up to the XVIII century.
It still represents one of the Monferrato's most admired buildings for its architecture and its well-kept splendor.

T he gorgeous halls adorned with frescos, the historical courtyards and gardens are available for gatherings, conventions, advertisement, holidays, etc. ....

The Camino Castle is now opening its doors to the cellars . It is a great opportunity to taste its delicious homemade wine!


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