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Canon U.S. Life Sciences

9800 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850, USA

Category: Diagnostic/Imaging

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Canon U.S. Life Sciences is engaged to extend canon core technologies to the field of life sciences and to the introduction and marketing of vital, new-platform products in the critical area of molecular diagnostics. It was established in 2002, with a focus not only on research and development, but on the concrete introduction and marketing of vital products in the area of molecular diagnostics.

Canon identifies and develops life sciences solutions with potential applications in diagnostics and medical instrumentation. The company conducts research and development in the area of nano-liter (droplet size), continuous-flow, DNA analysis instruments. Its eventual aim is a complete 'sample-to-answer' solution for molecular diagnostics, with a platform that fully integrates clinical-sample preparation into the process. The company's core technologies are also applied to automation, environmental benefits, miniaturization and low instrument cost.

Canon has collaboration with Caliper Life Sciences Inc. It is an ISO14001 certified company.