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Capricorn Pharma, Inc.

6900-A English Muffin Way
Frederick, MD 21703, USA

Category: Drug Delivery

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Capricorn Pharma, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical, technology driven company, engaged in development, commercialization and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products - Orally Disintegrating Dosage (O.D.D) forms, Kortabs - modified release dosage forms, and Micro-encapsulations with multiple processes. It was founded by S. Rao Cherukuri, with a mission to increase shareholders value - solid revenue base from development and manufacturing with good profit margins and sustainable growth.

Capricorn Pharma has three business segments which include: specialty pharmaceuticals, consumer health care products and micro encapsulated ingredients. The company's technology platforms and products offer several compelling value propositions to specialty and generic pharmaceutical firms, including superior product performance, claims, convenience, patient compliance and profitability with its state-of-art development center. Its technologies include: Kortabs Modified Release Delivery System (M.R.D) - to optimize drug effectiveness; Orally Disintegrating Dosage Forms (O.D.D); Micro Encapsulations - for taste masking, stability improvement, and region specific drug delivery and for reduction of incompatibility; Enhanced Bioavailability (EAB) for poorly soluble drugs for enhanced drug release and absorption; and Medicated Gums.

Capricorn Pharma has developed five distinct orally disintegrating dosage (O.D.D) forms which include: Rapid Dispersible Tablet (RDT), Rapid Melt Beads (RMB), Disperse Beads (DAB), D-Zolv (DZ) and Healthee Chew (HC). The company has expertise in medicated chewing gums (gum bases, gums and coatings), delivery of drugs, flavors and taste masking.

Capricorn Pharma's OTC product categories include: analgesics, cough, cold and allergies, anti-emetic, gastri-intestinal tract and custom products. Its dietary supplements are categorized into diabetic friendly, sugar free supplements for fiber, weight reduction, stimulants and custom products. Its Oral care products include: breath freshening, plaque reduction/teeth whitening and custom products.

Capricorn Pharma has agreements with International Specialty Products and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA.