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Carpenters Hall

113 Fitzhugh St N
Rochester, NY 14614, US

Category: Organizations - historic

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Rochester Labor History eMap

This was, from 1842 to 1859, the site of the Unitarian Church at which the second Women’s Rights Convention was held on August 2, 1848. The Unitarian Church was destroyed by fire and St. Paul's German Evangelical Church was erected here in the 1860s. The United Shoe Workers Union bought the property in 1919; the Shoe Workers’ Joint Council #6 and six affiliated locals held their meetings here for several years. When the Carpenters District Council acquired the building around 1932, the Central Trades and Labor Council took up headquarters here along with the barbers, electrical workers, laborers, operating engineers, and plumbers & steamfitters. In May, 1946 hundreds of angry city workers jammed Carpenters Hall before parading to City Hall to protest the discharge of 489 Department of Public Works' employees who had recently joined the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; a city-wide general strike followed soon thereafter.