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Cary Pharmaceuticals Inc.

9903 Windy Hollow Road
Great Falls, VA, USA

Category: Pharmaceutical

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Cary Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a pharmaceutical development company that identifies and develops pharmaceutical products and transitions them from basic research through Phase II clinical trials.

Cary Pharmaceuticals' products include: 1) Tempol, an antihypertensive drug which acts by reducing oxidative stress by mimicking the function of superoxide dismutase (SOD) indicated for the treatment of chronic hypertension and 2) QuitPak®, an oral, non-nicotine product specifically designed for smoking cessation. It's QuitPak® utilizes two components that have distinctly different mechanisms of action. The first component is mecamylamine a nicotine antagonist that acts at the site of addiction by blocking the nicotine receptors in the brain and the second components is bupropion.

Cary Pharmaceuticals has an agreement with IntelGenx Corp to jointly develop and commercialize its oral antidepressant ("CPI-300" or the "Product") using IntelGenx's proprietary oral delivery technology.