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Casa Vecchia Farmhouse

Strada S.S. Est, 49
Cetona Si, Italy 53040, IT

Category: B.B&Farmhouse

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Casa Vecchia is a Tuscan country house whose origins date back to the end of the 18th century. It has been completely restored according to tradition, so as to recall the original country style and life. The house has been shared in flats which can host 2 to 4 or 6 people. All of them have balconies overviewing the surrounding landscapes of nearby Umbria.
Our guests can enjoy the ample garden fitted with everything they need. There’s a two-depth swimming pool (for children and grown-ups) in it, as well as an area for children to play and leisure facilities. For those guests who love nature and sports and want to have a bike ride in the country, we have mountain bikes of various sizes, also fitted with seats for babies.


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