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Castel Roncolo

Via Beato Arrigo
Renon, Trentino-Alto Adige 39054, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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In the Bolzano of the castles prominence like one precious stone Castel Roncolo. After restoration years, the illustrated maniero, has reopened its the 19 doors opens them 2000. Constructed on a spuntone porfirico all'imbocco of the romantica Val Sarentino, the maniero testifies, through the prestigious cycle of frescoes profane intentional dall'antica family of traders Vintler, medieval the cavalleresche authentications saghe; thanks all'ottimo be of conservation and to the cure of the restoration can be admired scenes of hunting, games of court and courtship, the thin delights of the kind life and some important vicissitudes drawn from the literature dell'epoca. Together to the castle it has reopened l'antica trattoria that with its typical and essential gastronomica proposal, offers to l'opportunità living a nearly magical moment in walls medieval of the maniero and in order to taste with l'adeguata tranquillity a cracked important of the history of Bolzano


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