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Castelfranco 's Fortress

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Dominating the coast between Caprazoppa and Capo San Donato, it presents the appearance of a powerful pentagonal mass with steep outer ramparts. It is laid out around a central block, set on top of a lower tenaille that extends along the most easily defendable stretch of the shore. First constructed by the Genoese in 1365, perhaps on the vestiges of the ancient castrum Piae, all that remains of the fourteenth-century structure is the central octagonal keep, called the Torrione di San Bartolomeo. The castle changed hands several times and each new set of owners added new fortifications or made alterations: from Genoa it passed to the Del Carretto, supported by the Visconti of Milan (fifteenth century), then back to the Genoese and finally, in the seventeenth century, the Spanish. It was they who built a powerful system of fortifications behind the castle, climbing in a wedge up to a height of 130 meters or 427 feet and made up of the forts of the Annunziata, Sant?Antonio and Legnino. The complex, the largest in the region, was completed by a curtain of ramparts. In 1707 the fortresses of Castelfranco passed to Austria which ceded them, along with the marquisate, to Genoa in 1713: two years later the whole set of fortifications was dismantled.