Via Castello
Castellamare di Stabia,, Castellamare di Stabia

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Around all' Age of this castle several inaccuracies have been published, up to here. L' erroneous attribution to Federico II of Svevia (1197-1250) is risen from the fact that the great emperor made to construct for all the reign many castles that servissero for defense and room. But who has seen the famous castles svevi from the sturdy mason to rough drafts and from the large ones she tans to combacio, with several plans, immense knows them, doors and portals, where to the robustness of the defense the splendor of the Reggia was wanted to be joined, finding in the Castrum di Stabia will be watched well un' work of Federico. Which, com' it is by now famous, made to construct its fortilizi on designs made from same he. Instead of a former construction novo, it was made a repair you during the reign of Federico, like desume from documents svevi sull' administration of the castles of the reame of Sicily. All' age of the Angioini ulterior restorations or widenings had to be made you, and therefore it was attributed to Carl the d' AngiĆ² and, to twisted, called Angioino. From the form they puts into effect, and especially for controtorre and the base to shoe - that they have mostly '400 character - it is obvious that there were WORKED also in posterior age.


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