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Castello dei Conti d'Aquino - Belcastro

Belcastro, Calabria, IT

Category: Villa&Castle

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Beyond the rests of the castle bizantino on the Timpe hill (Cliff), of which medieval rifacimento and fragments of the town-walls are still visible the entrance tower clearly building, On the opposite cape rise the medieval castle of Of Aquino, recently restored, with to the center the poderoso quadrilateral Mastio to three plans, a time tower normanna; the rests of the perimetrali walls with quadrangular, cylindrical and semicircular turrets (ruderi of the sec. XIII-XV) delineate the plant of the castle. Of remarkable interest it is Nail head constructed (1334) on the ruins of the Room where nacque S. Tommaso d' Aquino. In the courtyard of the castle there was also the magella of the sink, in stone to hexagonal coronamento, with carved coats of arms (sec. XIV) and that now it has been placed near the former cathedral like christening font.