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Castello Di Querceto Spa

Ponteginori, Toscana 56040 , Italia
Tel/Fax: (+39) 055.282433 - (+39) 0588.37472 - Mobile (+39) 335.5405006

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In the heart of the Cecina Valley, between Volterra and the Etruscan Coast, the Ginori Castle perches on top of a hill in Querceto an enchanting medieval village whose long and rich history has blended for over two centuries with the history of the Marchesi Ginori Lisci, a noble Florentine family who are famous throughout the world for their precious porcelain factory.

Thanks to the many projects promoted by the Ginori Lisci family, today the village is an integral part of the local economy with its thriving winery, the events it organizes and the hospitality offered in its charming apartments.
The apartments in the Ginori Castle at Querceto were renovated with a view to preserving the warm and welcoming style of old country houses. The most distinctive feature of this charming village is its authenticity, noticeable in every detail: the stones of the old houses, the smile of the inhabitants, the small town squares, the untouched natural surroundings ...

It is almost as though time had stood still in this fascinating hilltop village, far removed from the fast pace of modern life. It is a world of forgotten sounds and smells, of breathtaking views and sunsets.

A swimming-pool set in an olive grove and a visit to the Marchesi Ginori Lisci winery are merely the finest of the wide range of facilities guests can enjoy.

If you love going for walks in the hills, if you want to be able to set out every day and discover yet another corner of Tuscany, if you are longing for peace and quiet ... a stay at Querceto is something you should not miss!