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Castello di San Gaudenzio-hotel

Loc. San Gaudenziocervesina
Pavia, Lombardei, ITALY
Phone: + 39 0383 3331- Fax: + 39 0383 333409

Category: Villa&Castle

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With its rectangular form and crenellated towers on the four corners, San Gaudenzio Castle reflects the typical architecture of 15th century castles in Lombardy. With its beautiful square or arched gothic mullioned windows, it illustrates the antique transformation from a fortified manor house to a delightful residence and today we can envisage the magnificent balls and parties that were once held by the noble families - Beccaria, Taverna, Trotti – who inhabited these splendid chambers.
The elegant rooms and the surrounding environment, carefully restored to their original grandeur, take us back in time.


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