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Castel's Thun

Vigo di Ton (Valle di Non)
Ton, Trentino-Alto Adige, IT
tel. 0461/657816

Category: Villa&Castle

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The Thun family has been between the more important of the Trentino in the slid centuries, financially most healthy, in a position to making credit to emperors and bishops. To the doors of the Thun family Goes them did not hide itself towards the end of XIII the century and with the time it constructed the most powerful castle of Goes them of the Walnut. Bloomed in 1100, with original denominzione of Tone, the family caught up the apogee in 1400, extending the power on great part of they goes Not and of they of Sun Goes. In the 1530 the Thun obtained the title baronial it, in the 1628 that one of accounts of the Empire. The baronial palace, with three turrets to gotica cuspid, is to the center of the system fortified, with five towers towards the income, the bridge , a deep ditch, the field of the race, the Basel tower and the tower of the library. To the inside precious it knows them, one richest armory . The castle is still in phase of restoration and currently the garden and the loggiato one of the guns are open.


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