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Castle Rufo Ruffo

dalla Via Grotte
Scaletta Zanclea-Messina, Sicilia, IT
Phone: +0039.090.9596715

Category: Villa&Castle

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The Castle Rufo Ruffo, Knows Lamb to you, is planted on the apex of a precipite hill, tutt' around recinta from goes them inaccessible. In the single side it orients them, that she watches on the strait, the slope it is less erto and it is in it that it has been obtained, with patient human labor, the laborious mulattiera, than still she combines, like in the dark Middle Ages, "navy" (fraz. Marine Ladder) to the castle.
Ancient family that she boasts to have signoreggiato, sin from the time of the Normanni, monarch in Calabria. She dressed the dress of Malta sin from 1414; she was insignita of the grandato one of Spain, of the orders of the Toson of gold, of the Saint Gennaro, etc; nobility enjoyed in Naples in the seats of Port (1690) and Capuano (1703), in Cosenza, Messina, Salerno, etc. He possessed a great number of feudi and tito them in the Calabrie, like the principati ones of Altavilla, Castel Cicala, Saint Motta Giovanni, Sant' Antimo, Squill, Schillace, etc.
From Monday to Thursday: closed - opening only upon request telephone and reservation to number 090,9596715 - Office Social Services From Friday to Sunday: opened from hours 9:00 to hours 12:00 and from the 15:00 to the 18:00 Entire Ticket: 2,00 Reduced ticket: 1,00 for the children you draw the seven and fourteen years; for those who they have completed sessantacinquesimo the year of age; for scolaresche or groups of study, not inferior to 15 units - (for every group the free income to teaching beyond the gratuità for disagiati customers is granted); Free income: for the residents of the Common one of Zanclea Ladder; for children who have not completed the seventh year of age; for the bearers of handicap and eventual companion; for staff of representation or hosts of the Administration; for classes of the Schools of every order and degree of the communal territory of Zanclea Ladder; for the persons and respective familiar nucleus that they have donated or they will donate a.tito it definitive reperti to the Museum; for the journalists in the exercise of their activity; to the very fine to favor the acquaintance and the fruizione of the museale patrimony, the free income in occasion can be authorized of: organized cultural manifestations to didactic scope to the inside of the museum; manifestations directed to the promotion and the valorization of the cultural assets indette from the State, the Region, the Province and the Common one of Zanclea Ladder. Rate for photographic service and resumptions video for weddings (you space inner and external)€ 100,00


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