Castle di montechiaro

Palma di Montechiaro, Sicilia, IT

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The maniero was made to construct in 1358, probably from Federico III Chiaramonte, Conte di Modica. In the 1580, castle prototype of the Lampedusa and the Gattopardi passed to Mario Tomasi, and remained of property of the family until 1957, when Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957 was extinguished), writer celebre for the posthumous novel the Gattopardo in which the decadent sicialian aristocracy of the Renaissance is represented. The building in origin had walls adherent compact perimetrali to the land, towers equipped with merlons of the type Guelf, small opened quattrocentesche windows on the towers and the bastion. Remarkable interest covers the nail head of the castle that guards the fascinating Madonna di Montechiaro, statue in marble carved from Antonello Gagini (1478-1536), palermitano artist.
Tomasi or Tommasi. It boasts to come down from the family of the Leopardi di Costantinopoli, than it wants last in Ancona sin from the 646 changing the last name in that one of Tomasi. It is not our intention to discuss on such origin and the etimologia that the writers of nobiliari things damage to the Tomasi last name; we only say that this family, which has given many knights to the order of Malta, was noble in Capua donde wants has been capacity in Sicily from a Mario, that it had obtained from the roman senate, in 1569, I privilege of patrizio and roman citizen and that he was captain of crews in Licata in 1585 and married Francesca Caro and Celestre, which brought it in dowry the barony of Montechiaro.


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