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Bari, Puglia

Category: Villa&Castle

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The Barium Castle, historically attributed to Ruggero the Normanno, is of 1131; bizantina rises on preesistenti inhabited structures of age. Federico II of Svevia between 1233 and 1240 recovered to the use the castle damaged from Guglielmo Malo (1256) using the previous system and the survivor structure of the external town-walls and the towers. During the Angioino period for wanting of Carl they came you execute important jobs of restoration to work of protomagistri Peter d' Angincourt and Giovanni di Toul. In the ' 500 under Isabella of Aragon and its daughter Bona Sforza, fortification was constructed to the town-walls and arranged the courtyard they centers, with the perron to double rampa. In the ight hundred the castle was used like jail and subsequently like barracks. Currently it is center of the Soprintendenza for the Assets Acclimatizes them, Architectonic, Artistic and Historical of the Puglia. Some know them are destined to Gipsoteca and others accommodate temporary extensions.


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